Angeth Deng Garang

Program Coordinator

Growing up, Angeth has always wanted to serve her community through church and school tutoring and mentoring. In high school, that dream came true; she began her volunteer work by serving homeless veterans, helping in our community by teaching young kids at the church, and getting involved in her school activities. And as a result, she became the student HR club president and was later awarded a certificate for her phenomenal work. And she continues to uplift our communities by getting involved with the newly arrived refugees: helping them with both written and spoken English. After she graduated with her HR degree, she did not stop helping her communities, which is why her dream of bringing kids up in great ways is paramount. And given her background in tutoring and mentoring kids and helping those who are in need, Angeth will play a vital role in helping JIT identify kids who are in dire need as well as identifying better ways to help these kids with their families.

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